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Hello!   I'm Wayne Schlitt, welcome to my website. I have kind of an eclectic selection of topics here, maybe you will find something that interests you.

This site is really almost like three separate websites with three distinct and non-overlapping topics. This "main page" really only discusses what is happening with the website software and hardware, to find out interesting stuff you will have to select a topic.

Site News

What My Friends Are Up To16 May 2005

In the last few months, several of my friends have started to actively work on their websites and list the projects that they are working on. I think some of these are very impressive.

Check out:

  • Chris Radek: CNC, electronics, watches, old computers, old radios and cats.
  • Jeff Epler: electronics, pictures, image processing, python, and cats.
  • Michael Cornelius: aikdo, Japanese, political ramblings about Lincoln Nebraska, and cats.

Don't expect me to start updating this web page more often though. This is the second update this year and it isn't even summer yet.

Changing ISPs30 Mar 2005

Sometime in the next week or so, I will be moving my website from one ISP to another. In theory, this should all be transparent to everyone and there should be zero downtime. If things don't go well, you might have problems connecting for a while, but rest assured that I'll try and fix any problems ASAP.

My old ISP has bandwidth quotas, which used to be quite reasonable for dialup usage and 256kbps/64kbps ADSL lines, but things have changed, and their quotes haven't kept pace. I am now running into the quotas and my old ISP says that they can't reasonably raise them. My new ISP has no bandwidth caps or quotas, so I will have a lot more freedom. The sad thing is that I've been with my old ISP for about a decade, it is a local company and was the first ISP in the state. The new ISP is a big cable company. :-< Yes, I've talked with the old ISP several times. I really didn't want to leave them.

New domain name: schlitt.net03 Dec 2004
My website has been very stable for quite a while now. The real news is that I've managed to snatch the domain name schlitt.net and I am switching everything over to it from my old domain midwestcs.com. I've had the old domain since 1996, so this is the first time I've switched email addresses in a very long time.

An exciting day with ADSL yesterday!20 Jul 2001
Yesterday was a very exciting day on the ADSL front! I'm not sure how many of these are related, but here is what happened:

  1. My change order to upgrade my ADSL service from 384kbps to 768kbps came through! This wasn't done to make this website faster, I'm now telecommuting from California and I needed the upgrade to make work tolerable. It should make the downloads from the website faster anyway.
  2. The Code Red Worm that attacked IIS webservers yesterday also triggered a bug in the CISCO 675 ADSL router that I used, causing several lockups.
  3. My ADSL router has had heat problems ever since it was replaced an earlier one that couldn't train up. Well, yesterday it got very hot, locked up, and then died. Not even the power LED would show up. Whether this was caused by either of the above two events, or whether it just gave up the ghost, I don't know. One thing for sure was that the ADSL folks at the local telephone company were too swamped to get to it for about 6 hours. Fortunately, a nice TelCo guy named Steve (I think that was his name) stayed way after work hours to get my ADSL replaced instead of making me wait until today. Thanks Steve!

Anyway, the net result was I was down most of yesterday, but things should be much better today.

Older news can be found in the archive.

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