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I'm Wayne Schlitt, and this is my personal website.

I'm the proud father of two, Vicki Schlitt and Brian Schlitt. They are still too young have their own websites, but I'm sure that will change in a few years.   ;-)

And, now on to an obligatory rant, I'm a big fan of Open Source Software, not so much because it can be obtained cheaply ("free beer"), but because it gives you a lot of freedom ("free speech").

With free software, you control your own system. If you need to have a bug fixed or a feature added, you can either fix it yourself or pay for someone else to fix it. With proprietary software, the vendor may or may not do what you need done, and if they do, they can choose when and how much to charge. A particular problem that is critical for you or your company may be very low priority to them.

With free software, you can never be forced to upgrade from an "obsolete" program. For programmers, free software means that you can always find out exactly what that weird error message means, and you can see lots of examples of how to do useful things.

This website runs on Debian Linux, a free Unix like operating systems. I have run it since around 1995 and have found it quite stable and very functional. The biggest problem with Debian is the first install, after that, upgrades and such go very smoothly. Linux in general, and Debian in particular is geared toward computer programmers, not the general public. This is mostly due to the fact that programmers who donate their time to creating free software tend to program those things they are interested in.

The webserver that I use is Apache. More websites use Apache than all other websites combined. Like Debian, it is free software.

The HTML pages are generated using WML. Like Debian and Apache, it is free software. It is great for programmer oriented people like me. I originally obtained the templates and macros from Tom Gilbert's linuxbrit.co.uk website, but I've hacked on them quite a bit. Any bugs are probably mine.

You are invited to view and use the WML source code for this web site. Be aware that I'm still regularly making changes to it, so there may be bugs. .

If you have any comments or suggestions about this website, please let me know!

While I'm not an expert, I believe the information on this page is correct. Please send suggestions and corrections to the webmaster.
This web site runs on 100% Open Source Software. This web page was last changed on 07/25/2005 at 19:48:12.