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Well, I have been using my fork of bidwatcher for a long time, but I haven't touched it for several months now. Ebay made a change that broke it and I think it is now time to give up on my fork of bidwatcher. The fork on Source Forge is being actively maintained, and from what I hear, it is a perfectly good program. I see no reason to duplicate effort.

I'm leaving this web site up just so that old links continue to work and as kind of a reference. About the only thing here that is still of any value is the documentation.

What is BidWatcher?

Bidwatcher is a simple program to make your life easier on eBay. It will watch auctions that you are interested in bidding on, and also auctions that you have listed for sale. It has an automatic snipe tool that lets you set your snipe amount when you see an item you are interested in, but the bid won't be placed with eBay until just a few seconds before the auction ends.

Bidwatcher will periodically update the information about the auctions you are interested in, and check for any auctions that you might have bid on outside of bidwatcher, or new auctions that you may have listed. Auctions that are close to closing will be updated more often, and Bidwatcher will use these updates to determine how much "network lag" there is. If the network is slow, Bidwatcher will automatically adjust your snipe times so that you won't miss out.

The source should build on just about any Linux/Unix box with minor tweaks to the Makefile. The static binary was compiled on my Debian 2.2 Linux box, so it should probably work on most versions of Linux. I've had reports that the binary also works on NetBSD under the linux emulator.

Download Bidwatcher

Bidwatcher is free software and you can download a copy if you wish.

Bidwatcher News

Newer versions of Bidwatcher are usually announced on freshmeat.net, so keep an eye out for them. Sometimes eBay changes things and you will need an update immediately.

This fork of Bidwatch has been shut down7 Apr 2002
I'm officially shutting down this for of bidwatcher.

New version of Bidwatcher released16 Jun 2001
Thanks to Stephen Bond who sent in a patch, bidwatcher may well work again. I have not heavily tested it, but I don't see any obvious problems. As always, use at your own risk.

Please report any problems to me, and I'll see if they can be fixed.

Also, there are currently no rpm files.

Old news can be found in the archive.

While I'm not an expert, I believe the information on this page is correct. Please send suggestions and corrections to the webmaster.
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