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Trent McNair Annoucement

On Trent's web site, http://www.low-fi.com/bw/bwmain.html , which has been down since early March '00, he announced that he no longer has time to maintain bidwatcher.

When I saw this announcement, I told Trent that I had put up a website with my fork of bidwatcher, and if he thought it was ok, to please post a link to it. Trent said that he would put the link up, but never did. I'm afraid that I didn't pursue it, and I just let my site quietly sit. This was a mistake and caused duplicate effort as Larry Gilbert started another fork on bidwatcher.sourceforge.net, which I found out about once I started actively promoting my fork of bidwatcher.

The announcement that Trent put up on his site was:

02/10/2000 - I've come to the sad conclusion that I can no longer afford the time to update bidwatcher. I never expected things to get this far and have so many users to be responsible for. I'm behind schedule on paid projects right now and to put any effort into this would make my employers wonder where my priorities are. I invite somone to fork the code and keep things going. When things are working (as they did for the better part of a year) I get around 1-3 emails a day, and when things break, more like 20 (just to give you an idea of what any potential takers would have in store). Almost everyghing that breaks is in helpers.cpp, and theres lots of room for improvement.

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