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eBay has broken bidwatcher13 Jun 2001
Ebay has made a change to their web page that has broken bidwatcher in a critical way, you can no longer add auctions. Since I have started a new job, I now have zero time to work on bidwatcher. As a result, I am looking to abandon my fork of bidwatcher and join forces with the sourceforge branch.

Ben Byer has made a lot of improvements to that fork, and fixed most of the bugs that stopped my from using it immediately. Unfortunately, the sourceforge version doesn't work either, so I don't have a work around for anyone.

I'll post more news when I get it.

Changes to eBay causing problems?9 Dec 2000
It appears that eBay may be changing their webpage design and this is causing problems with bidwatcher. In particular, I have suddenly in the last week gotten four people complaining that bidwatcher is now registering the ending times incorrectly.

In my experience, eBay will often make test changes on one or two of their many web servers, and if you are unlucky, you will hit this server and trigger the bug. Trying to reproduce the bug tends to be very hard until eBay switches all machines over to the new code.

I'm investigating, but I haven't found what the problem is yet.

New Webpage2 Sep 2000
The webpages for Bidwatcher have been updated, but that's it. I still regularly use Bidwatcher, it's just that it does everything I want it to do and none of the bugs (foreign currency support, ebay motors support, etc.) have bothered me.

Bidwatcher on sourceforge is active13 Jul 2000
With the addition of Ben Byer, the sourceforge branch of bidwatcher is now active again!

Ben has converted bidwatcher to use GTK instead of QT, a big plus for free software and a big step forward to the possiblity of again having a windows/mac version of bidwatcher. Ben has been making a bunch of other significant changes. Stay tuned, it looks like more good stuff to come.

Redhat RPMs for Bidwatch10 Jun 2000
R P Herrold <herrold@owlriver.com> has provided RedHat RPM's for downloading. Thanks!

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