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Screen Shots of Bidwatcher

The Main Window

For a complete description of how to use Bidwatcher, check out the Quick Start Guide.

The list at the bottom of the window are the auctions that Bidwatcher is currently monitoring for you.

Across the top are icons to activate Bidwatchers functions, and the status window.

Preferences Window

This is where you configure Bidwatcher to do what you want. At a minimum, you should enter your eBay name. In order to bid or send email, you will also need to enter your password. (This password is stored on disk, so make sure your ~/.bidwatcher directory is secure.)

For more details about this screen, see the Configure bidwatcher section in the Quick Start Guide.

Adding a New Auction

When you want Bidwatcher to monitor another auction, press the icon, and you will get this "add auction" window.

Auction Options

If you right click on one of the Auctions in the list, you will get the following pop-up menu: From here, you can access the rest of Bidwatcher's options.

Auction Details

To get a complete view of an auction, select the "Show item details" option. Bidwatcher will update the time remaining as the minutes and seconds tick away.

Setting Up a Bid or Snipe

You can quickly select to bid (or snipe) an auction.

Auction Logs

You can review your bids and snipes by selecting one of the "view logs" options.

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