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There are a bunch of websites that I use regularly and I think deserved to be plugged. Well, these are the non-watch related links, as those are already mentioned elsehwere.

Most of these sites I use on a daily basis, some I use only a few times per week. They are all great sites though and I'm glad they are around.

"News for Nerds, Stuff that matters"   One of the central sites for the Free Software movement.

The home for the source code for many free software projects.

Another free software news site.

Google Web Search Engine
This is the best way I've found to search the web. It does a very good job of listing the best web pages first.

Open Directory Project
A very good hand compiled list of web sites, broken down into logical categories. Anyone can become an editor and anyone can use the data for any purpose. Many other web search engines use this compiled list of web sites.

NPR's Morning Edition
I love being able to listen to the news anytime of the day

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