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SPF test suite v2.022 Mar 2004

Well, after a lot of work, I am finally ready to release a new version of the SPF test system that I've been working on.

This test system has support for the perl M:S:Q, the libspf and the libspf-alt SPF implementations. The test system is pretty much a superset of the tests done by the perl, libspf-alt and the PHP (infinitepenguins) implemenations. It is based on the test system I developed for the initial release of libspf-alt, but I've made it more general and was able to support some of the new tests on perl and libspf implementations.

I'm posting this only to spf-devel so that I can get some feedback from developers before I announce it to spf-discuss.

New SPF test suite v1.0 available03 Feb 2004

Ok, there really wasn't an official announcement of this version, and the version number was created retroactively. This was really just a bunch of files thrown into a directory and placed on my website. It consisted of the first port of the Perl test system to libspf.

Perl test system announced11 Dec 2003

From: Meng Weng Wong

I've updated the spf1-test.mailzone.com domain to match the in-progress 02.9.4 spec. If you're developing an SPF client library, I suggest you use the test.txt as a basis for tests. It will be bundled in the Mail::SPF::Query v1.9.4 when that comes out. Meanwhile I attach it here.

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