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An Introduction to the N-Body Problem

This is a copy of the documentation on the N-body problem that comes with XStar. There are three different versions of the introductory text available. You can view it as Postscript (498k) PDF (292k), or HTML (57 pages).

The PDF version was generated from the postscript version, and the result is pretty good. The HTML version was generated from the PDF version, and the results is marginal. The HTML version seems to be missing a few key items such as the integral signs in the equeation. It also has a lot of problems with text formatting and the navigation is very poor.

Unfortunately, the original documentation was created in a wordprocessor called "FrameMaker", and the only version I have access to now (the Linux beta version) doesn't export pictures. If someone has access to a "real" version of FrameMaker and would be willing to convert the document for me, I would be very grateful.

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